About Rosie

My journey into the world of art began as a personal endeavor, painting outdated furniture pieces in the nooks of my home. This hobby quickly blossomed into a passion as I discovered my knack for transformation – turning the mundane into the magnificent. The entire process, from the first brushstroke to the last, is a thrilling adventure for me. It’s not just about revitalization, it’s about reimagining possibilities.

Educated at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, my artistic roots were nurtured in an environment that celebrated creativity and innovation. Here, I honed my natural inclination towards aesthetics and design. Today, as the founder of my own business, I delve into an ever-expanding palette of mediums. From the fluidity of resin and alcohol inks to the organic beauty of crystals, my work is a symphony of textures, colors, and forms.

Beyond the canvas and the workshop, my world is enlivened by four incredible children and a partnership with my best friend, my spouse. Their support has been the cornerstone of my endeavors, inspiring me to chase dreams and manifest them into reality. They've taught me that it's never too late to pursue a passion, to mold it into something as grand as one dares to imagine.

My mission extends beyond creating art for patrons—it’s about fostering a community. I strive to share the solace and joy that art brings me with others, whether they are art enthusiasts, fellow creators, or those seeking the sanctuary that creativity provides. In my space—surrounded by colors, brushes, and the freedom of expression—I find my peace and purpose. Here, I am reminded that we are all capable of extraordinary things.

Join me in this artistic voyage—whether to find a piece that speaks to your soul or to discover the liberating power of creating something truly your own.

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