Pricing Options

The Art of Investment Embarking on a custom art commission signifies a journey of imagination and creativity. Presented here are the starting U.S. prices for commissioned mixed media artwork, which serve as a guide to help you envision your investment. These prices are preliminary and may be adjusted based on the final design, including the intricacies and the specific mixed media materials used.

20x30" $1,169
24x30" $1,430
24x36" $1,580
24x48" $2,660
30x40" $3,030
30x60" $4,910
36x36" $2,810
36x48" $4,000
40x40" $4,150
40x60" $5,500
48x48" $5,920
48x60" $6,220
48x72" $8,380

Please note that these prices are approximate and subject to change with final material selection and design complexity. This initial estimate allows us to start the conversation about your mixed media art commission. Care for Longevity For maintaining the allure of your mixed media art, I recommend the following care instructions based on industry standards:

Resin Artwork:

To keep the vibrancy of the resin's finish, it’s important to wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth and avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch or dull the artwork. Protect your piece from UV light to prevent yellowing over time by placing it away from direct sunlight. Additionally, it's advisable to keep the artwork away from heat sources to prevent warping or bending.

General Care:

Regularly dust your mixed media art with a dry cloth. If the piece includes resin, you can occasionally use a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth for a more thorough cleaning. When handling the artwork, especially during storage, it’s best to wear gloves to avoid damage from the oils and acids present on the skin. Each piece of art you commission comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring the originality and exclusivity of your investment.