A box of clear cast plus with two bottles and a toothpick.
Alumilite Epoxy Resin

Craft with confidence using Alumilite's premium resins, renowned for their exceptional clarity and strength. Ideal for artists and hobbyists alike, Alumilite products ensure your creations stand out with professional-grade quality. Click to explore their range and bring your visions to life.

A couple of gallons of table top cleaner.
Mas Epoxies

Experience the superior performance of MAS Epoxies, your go-to for high-quality resin projects. With their advanced formulas, you'll achieve brilliant finishes and durable results every time. Discover MAS Epoxies for your next masterpiece.

Two bottles of uv-art epoxy and a bottle of uv-art handyner.
Promise Epoxy

Dive into the world of Promise Epoxy where durability meets creativity. Trusted by professionals, their epoxies offer excellent resistance and beautiful finishes, perfect for a variety of resin art applications. Find your perfect match with Promise Epoxy.

A group resin art supplies of three jars with different mica powders colors.

Embellish your resin art with the lustrous pigments from Meyspring. Known for their rich colors and unique effects, Meyspring's selection is a treasure trove for enhancing the aesthetics of your epoxy creations. Tap into the palette of Meyspring for mesmerizing results.

A box of color creator with many colors and bottles
Color Creator

Unleash vibrant possibilities with Color Creator's innovative pigments and dyes. Designed for artists who demand the best in color vibrancy and consistency, Color Creator transforms your projects into vivid works of art. Explore their collection and color your creations with confidence.