Paint Pour/ Resin Glass Shelves

Meet Sexy Elegance! Her body is painted in Dixie Belle Caviar her top is blended with a little Caviar, Silver Bullet and Manatee Grey. Open her up and her textured wallpaper sparkles off the glass shelves with a paint pour of Caviar, Silver Bullet, Steel Magnolia , and Cotton. The glass shelves were then coated with epoxy resin.

Side note I always make sure that I clean my furniture or any surface I will be painting with a good TSP before applying paint.  I used Dixie Belle White Lighting.  I use 2 tsp. in a 32 oz spray bottle.  I mix the White Lighting into the spray bottle so I only need to make it when it runs out.  Since I knew that I was going to be applying the resin over the glass shelves I did not prime the glass.  

Items Used

Dixie Belle White Lighting

Dixie Belle Caviar

Dixie Belle Silver Bullet

Dixie Belle Steel Magnolia

Dixie Belle Cotton

Dixie Belle Manatee Gray




Stir Sticks

Silicone Measuring Cups

Video of the paint pour on the glass shelves below

Paint Pour on Glass Shelves

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