Top 5 Resin Art Questions Answered!

Discover the answers to the ‘Top 5 Resin Art Questions’ with our latest blog post, featuring a stunning close-up image of a resin art piece. This visual guide captures the intricate details of a geode resin art project, highlighting vibrant blue hues encased in glossy epoxy resin, accented by shimmering gold leaf and crystal clear quartz clusters. The captivating texture and depth showcase the beauty of resin art, perfect for DIY enthusiasts and crafters looking to explore this medium. Dive into our blog for expert advice and step-by-step guidance on creating your own resin masterpieces.

While we cover the basics here, our online courses like ‘Resin Basics’ and ‘Geode Resin Art’ offer in-depth knowledge for all skill levels.

1. Is Epoxy Resin Safe for Indoor Use?

Basic Answer: Yes, with proper ventilation and protective gear, epoxy resin can be used safely indoors.

Further Learning: Our ‘Resin Basics’ course offers detailed safety guidelines and best practices.

2. Do I Need a Respirator for Resin Art?

Basic Answer: Yes! It’s recommended for poorly ventilated spaces or when using strong-smelling resins. I am not a doctor but I would strongly recommended using one every time! I do even though I work with resins with little to no VOC! 

Further Learning: Learn all about resin health and safety in our comprehensive courses. Also get the full comprehensive Supply List curated to help you have  all the supplies needed to get started with resin! 

3. How to Eliminate Bubbles from Resin?

Basic Answer: Gently mix resin and hardener, and use a heat gun or torch to pop surface bubbles.

Further Learning: Find advanced bubble-removal techniques in our ‘Resin Basics’ course.

4. Resin Not Curing Properly?

Basic Answer: This could be due to incorrect mixing ratios, temperature issues, or expired products.

Further Learning: In  ‘Resin Basics’ module dives into these challenges in detail.

5. Understanding Resin’s Working Time

Basic Answer: The ‘pot life’ varies by resin type; it’s the period before the resin starts to cure.

Further Learning: Master timing and curing in our courses for optimal results.

These FAQs give you a taste of what to expect, but there’s so much more to learn! For comprehensive guides, step-by-step tutorials, and expert advice, enroll in our online resin art courses. Whether you’re starting out or looking to refine your techniques, Rosie Kaplan, resin expert, is here to help. Visit our websiteResin Artistry Hub, for more information and to access our full range of courses.

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